5 Record Label That Went From Top To Bottom After Their Major Artiste Left

5 Record Label That Went From Top To Bottom After Their Major Artiste Left

5 Record Label That Went From Top To Bottom After Their Major Artiste Left

Hello Everyone,

After a careful look into the Nigerian music industry over the past few years, we have something interesting to say to help Label owners avoid making such terrible mistakes.

Many top Record labels have failed terribly because they build their business around 1 major artiste instead of trying to grow all the artistes signed under the label.

It’s a sad thing to see the key act exit the Label without any better replacement available on ground. Things will start going bad and the reputation of the Label will start noise-diving and everything will eventually collapse.

We hope and pray to God to help struggling labels get back on their feet and we hope existing & new labels will also learn from this.

As Nigeria’s No. 1 Music and Entertainment Website, we present to you the Top 5 Record Labels That Went From The Top To Bottom (Hero To Zero) After Their Major Artiste Used The Exit Door.

Let’s go

5. GWORLDWIDE – Kiss Daniel

This is the most recent of them all. The Exit of Kiss Daniel crashed Gworldwide business empire badly and ended their Reign as one of the most promising label in the country.

Kiss Daniel was signed to GWorldwide in 2013 on recommendation by his label mate, Sugarboy. According to investigations, the singer was signed to a 360 deal in Abeokuta, Ogun State.

Kiss Daniel’s problems with G-Worldwide started with the success of ‘Woju’. Investigations reveal that after the song began to gain traction early 2015, the singer demanded for an update on his contract.

A close source to the singer and his label revealed that Kiss Daniel approached the management of Emperor Geezy for revised contract to reflect his growth in the music industry.

After negotiations between the legal reps of both parties, his terms were updated starting from the first quarter of 2015.

In the initial deal, the singer was entitled to 30% of all the net profits from his performance fees. The record label was investing heavily at this point to ensure his newfound momentum was sustained.

Issues became worst between the Singer and the Label, they were unable to settle the dispute and this led to the Exit of Kiss Daniel from the Label which badly stepped down the Influence of Gworldwide in the Music industry.

Nothing special has been heard about the label in recent times except the signing of 2 new artistes “Easy Jay & Ajura”.

We hope Gworldwide get back on their feet soon.

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