Do You Know Naira Marley Is A Graduate? Advice To All Marlians

Naira Marley

Do You Know Naira Marley Is A Graduate? Advice To All Marlians…

Trust me, one day, those things they taught you in school will be useful. Just get that kpali!!! Get It!!!

You might find yourself in a situation where they ask you to draw a Quadrant in front of clienteles, or plot a graph on the board, in an exhibition with representatives from other companies. Or some random shits your lecturer taught you back in the days, it’ll be one day useful.

“If you hadn’t enlighten yourself, you prolly wouldn’t have known the reason a Bag of Rice is heavier than a human is because it’s a Dead Weight. A human would be heavier, if he/she were to be dead.”

You have to be able to express yourself, and always have a thing or two to say, maybe in a social gathering, be it official or unofficial. You have to be able to contribute!

You don’t have to be a MARLIAN all the time.

And always READ Anything! Journals, magazines, novels, etc.

See fact about Naira Marley

And everthing isn’t prayer! Prayers can’t solve everything… In Africa, we pray a lot, that’s why we’re suffering. That’s why Africa is a third-world-continent! We put all the baggages on God…

You’ve a flight by 9am, and you’re still on your way to the airport by 9:15am hoping and ‘PRAYING’ the flight doesn’t depart.??? Lol, how will God help your stupidity in this scenario????


One more thing, the first thing to put into consideration while choosing a wife is that she has to be a learned person, she had to be really enlightened & smart (not as smart as you though, so she won’t outsmart you). Because there’s a tendency that if you end up with an unintelligent woman, your kid(s) too would be unintelligent, even if you enroll them in school. They ain’t gonn know shit!

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