Meet The Top 5 Music Producers Of 2018

Meet The Top 5 Music Producers Of 2018

Meet The Top 5 Music Producers Of 2018

Hardly do we give credits to music producers for all the work they do behind the scenes. Some of those big tunes we have on heavy rotation would not be possible without inputs and creativity by the beatmakers. They’re mostly behind the scenes and perhaps not celebrated as much as they really deserve.

In this post, Jaguda hopes to shine the spotlight on the top 5 music producers of 2018. The listed beatmakers have had a hand in making some of the biggest and most impactful songs this year.

The list goes as follows:

5 – Kel P

Kel P

At number 5 spot is Peter Kelvin better known as Kel P. The music producer has quite frankly been on the block for a while and has worked with several Nigerian artistes. However, his major break came through working with Burna Boy. He is responsible for making Burna Boy’s latest hit singles ‘Gbona’ and ‘On The Low’. Within weeks of release these songs have actually turned sing-along tunes.

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