Olamide’s All Time Top 13 Hit Rap Songs


Olamide’s All Time Top 13 Hit Rap Songs…

On this week’s episode, we present to you Olamide’s All Time Hit Rap Songs. As we all know, Olamide Adedeji is nothing but a Pioneer. No matter how explicit or unpleasant his song sounds, WONMA gbo shaa nii!


Today, we segmented his Rap (Conscious) Songs from his Commercial Songs. No story for the Gods, so without no further ado: The list is inverted, as a result, we’re starting from the 13th.

13. KANA FINISH – He unveiled ‘Kana Finish’ in November 2015, it’s one of the most critically acclaimed songs on ‘Eyan Mayweather’ album. It’s a dope track, although I personally think the first verse is the hottest.

12. OWO BLOW – This song is off his 2016 ‘The Glory’ album, a follow up of his prequel album. Although, It’s a fusion of commercial and rap song. Olamide got the title from a classical Yoruba movie. Owo Blow tells the story of a young man who, as a result of the family problem, ended up on the streets. He ran away from home with his back against the societal wall and faced with the realities of his fate in an uncaring world.

11. GOONS MI – This was released in mid 2014. Olamide has no bad songs! Anyone who feels he has a bad song should kizz the devil before kizzing Daniel, lol.

10. ZERO JOY – Released also in the middle of 2014, off his ‘Street OT’ album. There’s absolutely zero joy on the streets, everyone’s just trying to thrive & survive!

9. SITTING ON THE THRONE – Let’s reminisce a little. Retrospectively, Olamide told us he was sitting on the throne, although he has beef with nobody. We totally agree, he knows who he is and his stance in the music industry. He’s been proving it since he became prominent, and right now, we are short of words like M.I.

8. WHO YOU EPP? – Coming through is Who You Epp! On a real-real, have you helped anyone today? Please endeavor to help someone if you’re capable, and instead of using ‘Pounds Sterling for Tissue’, give it to a less privileged person.

7. LETTER TO MILLI – The 7th on the list is ‘Letter To Milli’. [So ti ye e, bose’nlo gan gan mo so fun e yen. O le di president oh, ma je ki anybody so fun e wipe o le di president. Oko ma je kori e pe, wa se kini wa je kori e pe. O ma de need kini, o ma need dedication].
On this track, Olamide proved to us he’s a motivational speaker & influencer. After listening to this song, I personally think he has set a boundary, distinguishing himself from other rappers.

6. DUROSOKE – Baba has been on top, and isn’t prepared to come down soon. He has been durosoke-ing, lol. This song is like the biggest song in the whole of 2013, and it did enjoy it’s longevity.

5. BUGA – [Buga small small, rora buga]. Life is too short! True humility is not thinking less of yourself; it is thinking of yourself less. BUGA is the 5th on the list, and it was released early last year (2019).

4. RAYBAN ABACHA – Late Gen. Sani Abacha did rocked some dope Ray-Bans back in the days, it made him look callous, fearless & villainous. We think this is how Olamide want other rappers to see him! ‘Rayban Abacha’ dropped in 2013 and it’s off his ‘Baddest Guy Ever Liveth’ album.

3. VOICE OF THE STEET – Abbreviated as V.O.T.S is the 3rd on the list. It’s one of best songs Olamide has released till date. He made every second count; From the pitch of his vocals, to the kicks, 808s, snares, hi-hats, orchestral, etc. Sometimes in 2018, he unveiled a TV Station adopting this track’s title V.O.T.S, making him the first rapper in Africa to own a TV Station.

2. YOUNG ERIKINA – Released in 2011. [Emi young erikina, oye kele remember keh!?] Also one of his best songs till date, because he dropped it at a time he was just a Next Rated Artiste.

1. ENI DURO – If you made it this far, then you deserve an accolade. E DURO! So, we can present it to you, lol. This joint as we all know brought Olamide in the limelight, no doubt. The video was shot & directed by DJ TEE in 2010, the same year the song was unveiled. In the visuals, Olamide can be seen walking from street to street, non-intermittently, showing his superiority and the level of courage he has. It’s a Decade already, and Olamide hasn’t declined a bit.

It’s a Wrap for Olamide’s All Time Top 13 Hit Rap Songs…..

We hope you enjoyed today’s editorial episode? Feel free to post on the Comment Section below, Thank You for your time and have a great week!

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