Revolution Of Dance Trends In Nigeria

Revolution Of Dance Trends In Nigeria

Since the genesis of this 21st Century, here are the dance steps that trended in Nigeria.



Crossing over to the year 2000 from the ‘90s, Makossa Dance was the thing then… It began to make waves in Cameroon & Congo, before chiming it’s ways into Nigeria. Awilo Logomba was known to be the originator, though people had already been dancing it before he made it viral in the early 2000s. 


Galala became the first indigenous dance trend of the streets after it’s predecessor Makossa became outdated.. Known to originate from the musics made by reggae artistes like Raskimono and Blacky, before Daddy Showkey made it a thing in the streets, with follow-come songs like Fire Fire, Diana, Showkey Again, etc. 


Galala no dey do dem again, konto no dey do dem again o. Makossa no dey do dem again, SUO, na hin be the new dance wey dey reign. 

Lol, but not right now though!

Suo dance step originated from Galala; or it’s easy to say it was a modernized version of it. It emerged at a time Marvelous Benjy dropped Suo; And the duo Madmelon and Mountain Black known as the Danfo Drivers later on carried the dance along. 


The streets were still enjoying Suo, then surprisingly, Yahooze emerged in 2008. The popular Olu Maintain (Kentro Master) was known as the originator. The dance step wasn’t that complicated; just combine the index and middle-finger, swing it all over the back of the head and forth! Then gbam, you’re already dancing Yahooze. 


Almost every dance steps in Nigeria always came with a song titled as the dance. Alanta got introduced by the duo Artquake, before the likes of Terry G carried it along.


Known to originate from Ghana, before Nigeria made it go global. With aids from the prominent Wizkid amongst other artistes. 


This is a traditional dance from the Calabar/Akwa Ibom region of Nigeria. It went viral when Iyanya who is an indigene of Akwa Ibom dropped the massive club banger Kukere, Ur Waist, etc. However, the dance step had a short life-span due to it’s simplicity. 


Skelewu, skelewu, skele wu wu wu, Skele! Known to be invented by the afro pop-star Davido, Skelewu was considered as an official dance trend too. All across Nigeria, United Kingdom where he’s know to have a large fanbase. 


Ahhh! Shoki shoki, not Showkey ooo, lol. This dance was considered on of the biggest dance steps in the last few years, due to it’s fast circulation all over the country and it’s longevity in the streets. It was already a thing underground in Agege-Lagos, before Lil Kesh made it official with a follow-come song. Remixing the songs, he featured Davido and Olamide (the top-tier artistes in the country). 

Shakiti Bobo: 

As usual, it came out with a self-titled song Shakiti Bobo, and was invented none other than the afro rap/pop-star himself Olamide Badoo, in 2015. It was a massive dance step and it did live up to expectation. 

Shaku Shaku: 

Agege is now known to be the new Ajegunle; because this is the second dance trend to elevate from the underground to the world! If you’re a social media fan, then you should be familiar with the Shaku Shaku dance. It’s the only nigerian dance step with numerous follow come bangers! Legbegbe, Omo Shepeteri, Oshozondi, etc.. And it boasted a successful longevity.

Zanku (Leg Work):

R.I.P To Shaku Shaku.

Kapaichumarimarichipakoo! Able God, shower your blessing, we want this money, lol.

Till date, Zlatan is still reaping the fruits of his labour (Zanku Dance). Over the past 6-8months, this dance has taken over it’s predecessor Shaku Shaku; It’s really surprising how Shaku Shaku slowly faded away. 

Let’s hope this dance lives up to expectations, even if new dance steps are incoming; because the music industry is becoming hotter. Even the hell is jealous! 

We hope you enjoyed this! And always come back for more of this.

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