Top Best Nigerian Albums / EPs in 2020

Top Best Nigerian Albums / EPs in 2020

Top Best Nigerian Albums / EPs in 2020…

2020 is a special year. Most would find this assertion insane judging from the Amount of tragedies that has befell the year but that’s exactly what makes it special because amidst the turbulence arose a number of impressive milestones as this year has been arguably one of the most inspiring year for creatives which has led to an influx of multiple breathtaking, beautiful and amazing musical projects.

An headache for us music heads to easily select the top body of work that came out this year but would we be deterred by that? Hell nah, so sit back as we discuss in no particular order, the Top 5 MUSIC PROJECTS IN 2020 according to acceptability.

1- CARPE DIEM by Olamide

Olamide – "Carpe Diem" Album

Olamide Adedeji aka Baddo released his eleventh studio album titled CARPE DIEM, a project that had us see Olamide in a different light cruising smoothly on a soothing tempo taking the famous street vibe to an unusual dimension.

An absolute work of lyrical genius coupled with the well tailored features which had mostly emerging stars on it like, OMAH LAY, BAD BOY TIMZ, BELLA SHMURDA, FIREBOY etc.

This project isn’t only appealing to the ears but also groovy and frenzy inciting as we’ve seen from the rave of the moment “LOADING” which has done amazing numbers on multiple platforms, so basically, CARPE DIEM isn’t just a beautiful project but a successful one.

2- TWICE AS TALL by Burna Boy

Burna Boy – "Twice As Tall"

After missing out on the highly rated Grammy award with jeerings from oppositions and critics, Burna Boy decided to look within himself in search of the best most suitable response which led to the creation of his recent Album, TWICE AS TALL.

An incredibly expressive work of musical ingenuity with thoughts inciting lyrics as could be seen from tracks like MONSTERS YOU MADE, REAL LIFE, LEVEL UP etc.

A conscious body work of work with sprinkles of street vibes to carry everyone along regardless of their respective tastes, amazing right?

This is arguably one of the most successful albums out of Africa judging from the number of streams, worldwide acceptance, street cred, replay value and the general impact it had on the music industry as a whole so I’m guessing we can all agree Burna outdid himself on this very one.

3- GET LAYD by Omah Lay

Omah Lay – Get Layd (EP)

The biggest revelation of the Nigerian industry this year, Stanley Omah Didia, Omah Lay, released one of the most played EP of the year 2020, GET LAYD.

A step out of the usual, a distinct sound with incredulous replay value, a project best enjoyed over a glass of ice cold whiskey and solid surround system, Omah Lay did that, he really did, for a debut project, he went way too hard and we are not complaining or are we? Hahaha I guess not.

This project was so huge, it attracted the likes of JADON SANCHO, an England international who couldn’t contain his excitement over the EP, went further to convincing 6lack to jump on its remix which was equally soothing, a totally flexible sound tailored for people from all works of life.

Relatable lyrics, soothing melody, humorous and witty lines, lewd phrases, a compilation of melodic expressive genius, one word to quantify this project is, ART.

4- A BETTER TIME by Davido

Davido – A Better Time Album

After his successful sophomore album, A GOOD TIME, Davido decided to take it a notch higher with his recent project,  A BETTER TIME which contains major international collaborations and sound experimentation.

Davido didn’t just stick to the norm this time as he decided to hop on some trending sound like the amapiano sound which was smoothly executed as expected from the OBO himself.

Sound experimentation and notable collaboration aside, this album boasts of multiple hits taking the airways by storm currently, notable songs like , JOWO, THE BEST, HOLY GROUND etc,

No surprise there though, I mean it’s Davido, he’s got hits ready to pull up anytime, any day.

5- MADE IN LAGOS by Wizkid

Wizkid – Made In Lagos Album

One of the most controversial and most anticipated projects this year with mixed reaction on its day of release. MADE IN LAGOS, a project carefully and excellently executed with adept attention paid to its sound quality coupled with excellent features from far and beyond.

When it comes to therapeutic and serenading vibes, WIZKID has proven to be a connoisseur in recent times and he made no exception on MADE IN LAGOS, In fact, he snapped on this very project. With well tailored melodic lyrics and exceptional inclusion of live musical instruments, this album could be considered a masterpiece as it appears wizkid was very thorough with the production.

With over 150million+ “Authentic” streams in its first month of release, this album remains the top 3 most successful albums out of Africa in 2020 with an Amazing acceptance from the western world and beyond coupled with endorsements from numerous big names in the music business.

Though it might seem like a good number of Nigerians failed to resonate with the project in its initial stage of release, the replay value of this album has proven beyond doubt how excellent a body of work it is.

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