Which Is Burna Boy’s Biggest Song Ever?

Which Is Burna Boy’s Biggest Song Ever?

TGIS! Today, we are shortlisting the dopest Burna Boy’s songs from the onset. He is a prolific, determined, hardworking musician who never relents. He is famous for putting out cloud-9 songs; Musical vibe that’s synonymous to that of the legendary icon Fela Anikulapo Kuti. To cut the story short, here are our favourites; 

Killin Dem (ft. Zlatan)

This jam was released earlier this year, but it’s made more impact than most songs that came out before it. Huge download numbers, millions of views on youtube, non-intermittent playings by Radio Stations and DJs, it’s just too apex.


Most people say you appreciate Burna’s music more when you’re high… This is yet another club banger, streamlining Baba Fela’s kinda vibe. 


This song is the genesis of BurnaBoy’s reincarnation!!! We no won die, we no won kpeme, we still won turn up, lol… Definitely! 

On The Low

Angeli angelina! I no go ever fall you hand never… LocaaTunes too won’t fall your hand never, lol. Another massive hit by Burna. He is one of those few artistes to put his family in his circle! His sister being his hair-stylist, his mother being his manager, his girlfriend was also the Angela in this musical video.

Like To Party x Tonight


We combined this jams together, because we feel it’s a tie even though ‘Like To Party’ was released earlier.. The song kinda made Burna become more prominent, then ‘Tonight’ kept the momentum.

What do you feel? Is it Killin Dem, Gbona, Ye, On The Low, or Like To Party x Tonight??? Feel free to post on the comment section below.

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