Blvckboyosizz ft. Touchline – PTM (Panic The Mechanic)

Blvckboyosizz ft. Touchline - PTM (Panic The Mechanic)

Blvckboyosizz ft Touchline – PTM (Panic The Mechanic)…

BLVCKBOYOSIZZ (pronounced Blackboy–Oh–Seize) is a young rapper hailing all the way from Mpumalanga. The rapper was spotted by Omen The Chef (PRO kid, Flabba, Maggz..) on a thread on Twitter where K.O. was listening to budding rappers demos and giving constructive criticism.

When the veteran hitmaker heard the young fellow flow on those beats he knew the boy had something special to give to the culture. “It gave me the same chills I got when I heard PRO Kid rap back then” says the super-producer.

Needless to say, the super-producer reached out to the rapper and 3 months we have a body of work. The two worked on a number of songs and 6 were chosen for the soon-to-be-released Revenge EP.

The rapper teamed with another protégé who has modelled after the late great Linda Mkhize aka PRO Kid. Touchline added his ferocius 19 flows to the single and as they say, the proof is in the pudding.

BLVCKBOYOSIZZ is no stranger to the mic. He has been independently releasing music. He has two solid mixtapes under his belt on his Soundcloud page. The mixtapes showcase the rapper’s personal struggles and his undying passion and dream to be one of the greats someday. With all the cookie-cutter rappers out there, he is definitely one of the few who are blessed with authenticity and a unique voice beside his foreign influence.

Listen and Enjoy below:


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