D’Banj’s Ex-Manager Shares Own Story About Rape Allegations


D’Banj’s Ex-Manager Shares Own Story About Rape Allegations…

A former manager of D’Banj, Frank Amudo, has finally spoken up on the alleged rape case against the entertainer.

Mr Amudo explained how Ms Seyitan called him to complain that D’Banj raped her. According to him, the first question Ms Seyitan asked him was if he knew that D’Banj was coming to her room.

Mr Amudo was D’banj’s manager from July 2016 to January 11, 2019.

“Upon my arrival in Accra, Seyitan called, saying that D’banj gained access into her hotel room at Glee Hotel by 3am and raped her. I was shocked at this allegation because I wondered how D’banj gained access into this room knowing full well that I did not disclose my room number to him and he was not lodged at the hotel.

“I called Seyitan back to ask why she was given $100 and why she would claim she was raped by D’banj and she angrily replied in a series of voice notes reiterating the accusation and that she was told not to tell me because they assumed she was my girlfriend. She said she had left everything in God’s hands and made it clear that she was not interested in taking the matter to the public.

“I chose not to discuss this matter with D’banj because he and his wife were also in Accra as this was supposed to be a healing trip to recover from the loss of their son. I thought it was insensitive to discuss such issue on this trip, as Seyitan had even mentioned that she didn’t want the matter escalated further,” he said.

D’Banj is currently asking for N1.5 billion in damages s he has continued to deny all allegations against him.

He also disclosed what he would do with the money if he wins the case.

Watch D’Banj’s Ex-Manager, My Amudo Shares His Own Story About Rape Allegations.


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