I Don’t Consider “Big Boy” A Yahoo-Yahoo Song – eLDee


I Don’t Consider “Big Boy” A Yahoo-Yahoo Song – eLDee

Veteran Nigerian rapper has waded into the trending online debate whether or not internet fraud aka “Yahoo Yahoo” should be justified vis a vis the state of the Nigerian economy. The veteran rapper in a few tweets made his stance known on the matter.

Somehow, several Nigerian artists have held certain sponsors who are allegedly “Yahoo” boys in high esteem. Some artists go as far as giving them shout out on their song which invariably promotes the lifestyle by idle Nigerian youths.

As the “Yahoo Yahoo” debate continues to trend veteran rapper eLDee has cleared the air as to whether or not he glorified “Yahoo Yahoo” in any form with his music.

Eldee mentioned that although “Big Boy” may have portrayed a lavish lifestyle he was in no way urging folks to go fraudulent to fund expensive lifestyles.

He also agreed he may have ‘unwittingly’ contributed to the decay. However, he doesn’t consider “Big Boy” a “Yahoo Yahoo” song.

Listen to the song below:

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