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Kizz Daniel in court

Kizz Daniel’s Change Of Name Doesn’t Free Him From Court Case

Few days ago, it was reported that former G-Worldwide act, Kiss Daniel has changed his name to Kizz Daniel.

It is believed that the singer’s change of name is necessitated by the ongoing legal tussle with his former label, G-worldwide.

The singer announced via his social media handles saying;

“Moving forward. Call me Kizz Daniel.”

Reacting to the Flyboy Inc boss change of name, Daniel’s former manager, Louiza Williams, has said that the singer’s action had no effect on the court case.

While speaking with Sunday Scoop, Louiza said;

“I actually did not know that he had changed his name until you told me. However, there is no big deal about that; it has nothing to do with the case,” said the musician’s ex-manager.

“The next court date is June 26. It is not true that the case has been settled; so, I don’t know where all those reports came from. If there was anything like that, I would be aware of it. Though Kizz Daniel doesn’t come to court personally, his lawyers appear on his behalf and I am sure they pass relevant information across to him accordingly. The court ruled that both parties should maintain the status quo, but Kizz Daniel is doing what is best known to him, which is contrary to what the court ordered.”

On what move G-Worldwide is considering, Williams said,

“The company definitely has a plan but I cannot reveal anything for now.”

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