M.I Abaga Promises To Slap Vector 180 degrees

M.I Abaga

M.I Abaga Promises To Slap Vector 180 degrees

You’ve been under a rock all week? Well, Vector and MI Abaga have giving each other solid blows… Well, Vector did drop two diss tracks (The Purge & Tetracycling), and MI Abaga has not dropped anything yet.

But that is about to change as MI has not only promised to drop his own diss record, but he’s decided to include in it, a nice 180 degree slap. No be long story.

See the tweet below;

As with most beefs with a big boss, MI seems to have included Loose Kaynon in it as well. We’ll see what the response will be, but if history is anything to go by, you can bet your last dollar, MI is not the one to fuck with. You can ask Kelly Hansome.

Here’s what the hip-hop world in Nigeria has to say about everything going on, and you know there’s plenty of jokes to go with it.


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