Nothing In Life Is Worth Taking Your Life For – Alibaba


Nothing In Life Is Worth Taking Your Life For – Alibaba

Ace comedian Alibaba has taken to his IG page to share a story about depression and suicide.

Sharing the story, the ace comedian started by stating that nothing in life is worth having to end one’s life.

The post on his page told the story of a young man who got a child out of wedlock and when the baby mama started demanding for certain things including resulting to blackmailing, the young man killed himself.

issue? Does it erase the fact that it happened? So, now you are dead, does it make the child’s life way better? Who you eepp?

“I don’t understand.

“And regarding the Holy Mary that went to report, hope she is getting all the financial assistance from the cemetery. And that she is now a citizen of Canada. In fact she has become a major in Toronto or Montreal.

“Guys, as much as hearts will be broken for fathering a child, out of wedlock, murdering yourself, is not a solution. So people will talk. And so. When you kill yourself, who will now be saddled with being the father of your child.

“Let it be known, if it happens because it has happened, we will pick up the pieces, and move on. We will apologise to who needs the apology and since I didn’t steal, carry drugs, kill anyone, rape anybody or sleep with same-sex, or caught with another person’s wife… anything wet wan happen make e happen.

“Guys, when it happens, if it happens, or has happened, please don’t worry yourself. Just get ready to take on your responsibility as the father to your child. Shikena.

“Don’t go and kill yourself.

Adultery ooo… fornication ooo… is forgivable. Just apologise to who you offended. It’s not enough reason to take your life.

“And before the religious bigots call me out, please let it be known, I do not encourage extramarital affairs or support fornication, but if it has happened with consequences, there is no reason to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

“There are men of God who have fathered children out of wedlock, and still in the church.

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