#Xenophobia: YCee & AKA Tackle Each Other On Twitter

YCee and AKA

YCee & AKA Tackle Each Other On Twitter

Xenophobia in South Africa especially on Nigerians is still being talked about all over social media.

Nigerians have been killed and their properties destroyed as the toll of Xenophobic attacks continues to increase. Many Nigerians at home have spoken up about the problems and many Nigerian musicians have come out to condemn the attacks.

However, joining in on the subject of Xenophobia, YCee opined that in deed the average South African does not love Nigerians and most times it shows. ‘There is this subtle dislike that a lot of them feel towards Nigerians‘ and excerpt of his tweet reads. He in the same tweet called out South African rapper AKA over his tweets when South Africa lost to Nigeria in the AFCON.

AKA spotted the tweet and did reply trying to absolve himself from being xenophobic. Yet YCee pulled out his old tweets in a screenshot.

See tweets below:

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