Monday Motivation (A Note To Keep You Striving)

Word Motivation

A Monday Motivation For You…

Life as we’d say is overly complicated as nothing appears the way that it is, blue can be red, red can be violet, what appears in our view can differ from what our subconscious interprets, it’s all a matter of perception.

Having understood the aforementioned, why then do we continually embrace the negatives in every odd situation we find ourselves, why do we constantly allow ourselves get carried away by the bad vibe, can we not decide within ourselves to see the positives? Is it impossible or is the situation too dire to detect any positives?, if you ask me, No, we are in control of our minds which is our operating system but most of us have lost the grip to it for a very long time that it’s starting to seem as if we are being navigated by some invisible force alien to us.

Now ask yourself, can that be rectified?, Well I’d let you on a little secret, charge free, yess! It can!, it’s definitely not going to be a walk in the park but it would be worth the effort, now all you need do is to rid yourself of the negative junks you’ve fed yourself by meditating and creating a daily mantra that reeks of the words your soul absolutely connects with, SAY IT, FEEL IT, BELIEVE IT and your journey to mental liberation would kick right off.


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