Why Violence Against Women Is Still Predominant In Modern Day Society


Why Violence Against Women Is Still Predominant In Modern Day Society….

It’s a popular belief humans are evolved or should I say, humans are evolving but we often discover in ourselves archaic traits that should have been long abolished, it appears we take like 2 steps forward  then a thousand steps backwards, a vicious cycle that poses major threat to our growth as a specie..

Domestic violence, a recurring menace that though has been through several reforms over the years still maintains a high presence amongst modern day people, shame, shame, shame, absolutely shameful to us as humans to still have such an abnormality taking the form of normal amongst a good number of us. Ask yourself, why is this still a thing?, why is such an ancient nonsensical practice still prominent amongst us? What is the drive of the perpetrators? To what end exactly?

Are you done with the barrage of questions? I presume you are, now let’s time travel briefly to a time in history where domestic violence was perpetuated with reckless abandon and  air of confidence. Prior to the mid 1800s, most legal institutions viewed wife beating as a valid display of superiority and authority from a husband to his wife, it was expected, it was a norm, it was a lifestyle, a man could be seen trashing his wife in public and be received with cheers from all corners because it was believed men were the superior gender.

change started to take form when an uprise of the first wave of feminist movement during the 19th century took it upon themselves to challenge the existing legal institutions predominantly in the United Kingdom, the united states and other countries.

After several observations and personal research, I came to an understanding domestic violence is a result of a fault in the psychological setup of the assailants, the constant need to dominate, the unusual unreasonable hunger for power and control, the inexplicable pleasure derived from the fear and submission of others which has been passed from generation to generation.

The violence wasn’t born out of nowhere, it came as a result of how “ancient men” viewed women, which was “weak”, they saw them as a tool of pleasure they could bend at will, an apparatus that could be subjected to damage and exposed to danger, they were never seen as human hence the treatment they were subjected to.

A bigger more ferocious animal sees a meek non ferocious animal as prey, it is basic instinct, A lion would never view a tiger as a potential meal other than a rival but would bare his teeth and fangs at the site of an antelope, that is the psyche of an average man.

This mentality has survived for decades despite the laws created to keep it in check, it is beyond decrees and constitutional reforms, it is beyond hashtags and urging victims to speak up, there has to be an absolute flush of ancient ideologies and beliefs, a compulsory reorientation of the modern man and constant education from the grassroots leaving no stones unturned because there’s no moving past the past without letting go of the past.

The problem would cease to be a problem once the source has been dismantled, men need to rid themselves of that superiority complex while women have to quit envisaging themselves as weak, there has to be mutual respect between both genders, for without respect, progress is impossible but then, we do need to progress, we can’t keep living and acting like early men dressed in Modern “drip”, we can’t be in constant need of new tech inventions while our mindset is symmetrical to abacus,

Our total existence over the years has been an oxymoron and that needs to change if there’s any hope for the barbarity to stop.

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