Vector – Rape Voem (Official Video)

Vector – Rape Voem

Vector – Rape Voem…

After the successful release of “Crossroads,” Vector analyses what the average African faces regardless of age, gender, and status, with the EP, “The African Mind“.

Vector speaks from a place of critical thinking, stating the obvious and constantly reiterating what the people complain and fight for every day.

On this track dubbed “Rape“, expresses his concern as to how society expects people who have been abused maltreated and violated to keep quiet, ”like the victims of rape should only sit still”, this also further emphasises not only his mind but about rape, he talks about the African people and their deafening silence about the ills of the society, “should I fall by another man’s flaws cos he didn’t do his best, wasn’t making any calls against the foul play?”.

Vector paints an image of a tired human, someone who has seen it all and constantly seeks change. He challenges the supreme power of the world, challenges the supreme power of the nation. He also stands on the fact that we will always be who we are. He is African and he strongly represents the African people and expressly states his concerns to society.

He proffers solution, but also encourages us to take the blame for our actions. There’s no doubt vector is African, he sees and knows the struggles Africans face, and he has tailored his concerns using spoken words.

Watch video below:


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