Best Nigerian Music Duo/Group Of All Time

Best Nigerian Music Duo/Group Of All Time

Best Nigerian Music Duo/Group Of All Time

Today, we magnify and do a retrospect. Way back when analogue music was the real deal, when there was nothing like digital music.

These days, there are downloadable virtual synthentizers, plugins/instrument and instrumentals are available all over the internet, so any artiste can just lay vocals on and make it a hit. It wasn’t like that back in the monochrome days when you tell the producer what you want, then he plays the strings directly from the instrument itself. But the fact that music production was complex back then didn’t stop these music duos/groups we’re about to enlist from making solid classics.


The Remedies: This group consisted of Eedris Abdul Kareem, Tony Tetuila & Eddie Remedy before they separated and went solo. They made classics like Shakomo, Judile, Jealousy, etc.


JJC/419 Squad: Group members were JJC himself, S.O, Simple, Smokey and MP. Then DBanj and Don Jazzy were later added to the group. They made hits like Looking For A Wifey, Atide, Ewajo, etc.

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