The Dance Move Yet To Be Beaten By A Nigerian Dance

The Dance Move Yet To Be Beaten By A Nigerian Dance

The Dance Move Yet To Be Beaten By A Nigerian Dance

Hello Locaatuners, how’re y’all doing? Fine we guess! Today we bring forth to you another exclusive content like we always do.

About nine (9) months ago, we published a similar content ‘The Revolution Of Dance Trends In Nigeria’, and today we’re publishing a sequel to it or let’s say a progression to the prior which is ‘The Dance Move That’s Yet To Be Beaten By A Nigerian Dance’.

We know most of us are wondering which dance move might that be, it’s none other than the renowned, venerable, undefeated ‘Walking On The Moon’ dance move by the legend himself, Michael Jackson (R.I.P).

In the prequel, we talked about how well our indigenous dance-moves has enchanted the world through the early 2000s. From Galala all the way down to Zanku. It’s no longer a news that when it comes to dance moves/steps, the entire universe looks up to Africa, and at thesame time its no longer a news that Nigeria is the only centre of attraction in the continent. This nation is boastful of being the GOAT when it comes to putting out Quality Musics, Comedies, Movies and so on.

However, only the indigenous Zanku dance has lived up to, and more than it’s expectations, because it’s the longest reigning dance move after Shaku Shaku was debuted in the quarter of 2017.

In 1983, Michael Jackson debuted the “Walking On The Moon” dance move during the performance of his famous song ‘Billie Jean’. It was indeed an electrifying moment, because the performance sent the audience into a frenzy and the “Moon Walk” came to be known as one of the best dance-move in the world.

It’s been 36 years since it was debuted and is still very much unbeaten! It’s no doubt the dance-move is a well curated masterpiece by the mastermind himself.

It’s a simply complex dance in which the dancer has to move backwards while seemingly walking forward. It could also be called “The Backslide”.

Although, our indigenous ‘Zlatan Abeg No Kill Us’ abbreviated as ‘ZANKU’ has gone far and wide, the primitive ‘Walk On The Moon’ dance-move still supersedes it all across the globe. We’re not trying to hurting anyone’s feelings, in fact, we shouldn’t be in anyway upset with this, because fairly enough, Michael Jackson is a fully fledged African man. So, in one word, the dance move is still ours!

We hope y’all enjoyed this exclusive content? Feel free to drop your comments below. Have a tremendous day ahead.

Check out the Moonwalk Evolution (1983 – 2009) by Michael Jackson;

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